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Blades of Grass and Pure White Stones

The video you see here is presented in concert projected onto a big screen in crisp detail and vibrant color as a backdrop, where available, as tenor Steve Amerson sings the reverent lyrics, "Freedom's seeds in sorrow sown, 'Neath blades of grass and pure white stones..." A touching and honoring tribute to America's bravest, who gave the ultimate gift, paid the ultimate price to those of us who enjoy our freedom in this amazing country.

Blades of Grass and Pure White Stones
Words & Music by Orrin G. Hatch, Phil Naish & Lowell Alexander
© 2004 Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing (ASCAP) &
StarSaylor Music Publishing (ASCAP) (adm. by ICG)
Arranged by Russell Mauldin & Bob Krogstad
Orchestrated by Bob Krogstad